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A Message from Boldly Me President and Founder Alanna Powell

Alanna Front PageDear Friends,

I have begun a new life mission to help humanity cope with the devastation of illness- people who are suffering the emotional side effects of injury, disease, medical treatments, and birth conditions. Being physically different can be emotionally traumatizing- resulting in anxiety, worry, fear, depression, and even suicide.

I have had alopecia universalis since 2 years of age, and silently suffered by hiding under the safety of a wig for most of my life. This past January, I have become Boldly Me and want to help others by helping them learn how to cope and accept their physical difference so they live their lives fearlessly and pursue their dreams confidently despite their physical difference.

Boldly Me Is Already Helping People

This year, 2012, we have consulted with hundreds of people online and in person. These people suffer from brain trauma, epilepsy, alopecia, cancer, paralysis, obesity, and severely low confidence. They fear judgment and ridicule in how others view them. During our consultations, I have talked about people who have joined our mission, and provided contributions to the Boldly Me organization. This has helped these physically different people and their families cope.

You can help change these people’s lives too. They have seen that others care about them, and accept them for who they are, despite their physical differences.

A young and handsome high school athlete suffering from baldness has professed that he has taken the Boldly Me message and helped other young men by encouraging them to embrace their alopecia and walk beside him as they roam the halls of their high school campus.

This would have never happened, had people like you not taken action through your words, ideas and financial contributions.

“Your courage to accept your bald and beautiful look gave our son and our family courage to shave his head and move on instead of trying to hold onto the past.” – Corrine Vita, 12/18/2012

Next year, 2013, the Boldly Me leadership team is aggressively spreading our impact. We ask you for help. Our digital presence, which has touched lives throughout the United States, is increasing its outreach with more stories, interactive applications, and forums.

Help us help the hidden gems in society that are hiding under prosthetics pretending to be normal but suffering silently in the comfort of their home.

Boldly Me’s online presence has helped patients like Rene realize they are NOT alone. Reading our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed over a long period of time has helped her open up about her problems and fears. We have helped her move beyond being a “precious pearl” of society who was worried and fearful, to someone who has had the courage to publicly share her thoughts:

“As they state it, Boldly Me is a motivational organization for those that at times need help with their own self esteem just because they may happen to be or feel like they’re a little different. For me, Alanna made me feel good about who I am and want to attempt to share my own challenges with Complex-Partial Epilepsy. Even expressing how it helped her comprehend the ‘Epileptic perspective’ a little more, she shared with me that her mom actually had the Epilepsy. She made me feel good about wanting to share it just for that purpose.” – Rene White, 12/14/2012

Boldly Me will help families who are suffering from these differences by providing fun events in comforting environments where people can “let their hair down” and relax with others who have felt the same fears. We will teach people techniques for answering questions and cruel criticisms or ridicule. We will help people evaluate their current behavior and communication skills so they know how to rebuild their self esteem.

The individual and their families all go through a life transition. Boldly Me is there for these people. The number one reason that people get depressed is because of the way they feel about their physical appearance. If a person feels that they look different than others, especially in ways they cannot help, this causes a wide range of emotions, including feeling helpless and hopeless. Help us help these people.

We want families to transcend the physical difference and pursue their life dreams fearlessly and boldly. Maybe the next Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton, or Steve Jobs is hiding under a cloak of fear. Help us uncover that cloak, and unleash humanity’s potential.

Please join me and the Boldly Me team so people can enjoy their lives, and not mourn the loss of a life they dreamed they would have, but accept the new opportunities and life that awaits them. They can “let their hair down” as I have done, and be happy again with the help of Boldly Me.

How You Can Help

a. Sponsor a person in need to a free movie night next year where they can enjoy a movie, hear inspirational speech, and socialize over appetizers and drinks with supportive professionals, and others who are suffering alone. Help these people see that someone cares and they are not alone. — Suggested donation is $25.00.

b. Sponsor a person in need to an image counseling session where they can learn how to present themselves, apply makeup, style their hair, and use fashion to accentuate their inherent new beauty. — Suggested donation is $30.00.

c. Sponsor a person in need to a relaxation therapy class where they can learn how to cope with anxiety and fears- preventing the spiral of a deep depression and health issues. — Suggested donation is $50.00.

d. Sponsor a person in need to a communications and esteem program where they can rebuild their confidence, embrace their difference, and soar to became the person they were born to be. — Suggested donation is $100.00

Please donate today and help others live boldly.

We appreciate your support and our leadership team will use the funds wisely. Maximizing our impact on society is our #1 measure of success!

Alanna Powell
President & Founder

Boldly Me
Building Self Esteem and Public Awareness for Those Who Are Physically Different

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