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Legendary Bingo Raises Over $2,000 for Boldly Me

boldly me bingo sign 1

The Boldly Me team traveled down to West Hollywood earlier this week to join Legendary Bingo guy Jeffery Bowman and actress Carolyn Hennesy as they (and “Willam”) hosted an outrageously funny night of bingo at Hamburger Mary’s that would benefit Boldly Me.

boldly me bingo group

The restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd was packed and everyone chowed down on burgers and pizza before the games kicked off at 7pm.

Legendary Bingo is fast-paced, frenetic and funny. The show was occasionally interrupted for a live auction or a raffle prize or two.

boldly me bingo stage

Willam called out numbers Oprah-style and began each game with the following call and response:

Willam: “What’s the name of the game?”

Us: “Bingo!”

Willam: “How do we play it?”

Us: “Loudly!”.

legendary bingo

Willam and Carolyn Hennesy call out numbers for Legendary Bingo at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.

When other numbers are drawn (like B-4 or B-12), it prompts further callbacks from the audience. There was a reference list of them on the table for all the newbies, like us.

carolyn hennesy, boldly me, legendary bingo

Carolyn Hennesy and Boldly Me’s fearless leader, Alanna Powell.

legendary bingo, hamburger marys, west hollywoodEach winner is subjugated to a lap around the restaurant as they are accosted by everyone else’s crumpled up losing bingo cards while they sing “Pelt him! Pelt him!” (or her).

It’s a blast.

The lovely Ms. Hennesy, funny in her own right, joined Willam a couple of times to help with calling out numbers and entertaining the audience.

When all was said and done, $2,135 was raised for Boldly Me. Yay! This money will really help us as we continue to counsel people and provide safe places for those with low self esteem to play, learn and express themselves. We are also exploring ways to expand the Boldly Me mission to Southern California.

carolyn jeffery

Carolyn Hennesy and Jeffery Bowman at Hamburger Mary’s

We are so grateful to Jeffery Bowman, Carolyn Hennesy and the staff of Hamburger Mary’s for organizing such an hysterical event and hosting an incredibly entertaining evening.

Post-pelting bingo cards.

Post-pelting bingo cards.


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Hey, if you’re in Northern California this weekend (Sat Sept 14) , you can support Boldly Me by joining us in Fremont at Aqua Adventure for our Boldly Me Water Gala featuring water slides, food and entertainment. For more details and ticket information click here.

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