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Boldly Me Makes a Splash at Aqua Adventure

Water Gala bucket dump

The Boldly Me Water Gala held at Aqua Adventure Water Park in Fremont on Saturday was not only fun for all the families that came to enjoy the food and entertainment. It was also an opportunity for those who would normally be too shy to stand in front of an audience to perform. Or be seen in a bathing suit.

Water Gala Theatre 1

Boldly Me Broadway puts on a show.

Part of Boldly Me’s mission is to provide a safe place for those with low self esteem to live boldly and last weekend we enjoyed watching everyone enjoy themselves and each other.

Emcee Xavier entertained us and periodically auctioned off goodies such as homemade brownies and gourmet cupcakes.

aqua adv xavier

Boldly Me volunteers, as well as the people we serve, went on stage to sing, dance, and twirl.

Water Gala singing rszd

hula dance via Kristin rszd

aqua adv staff twirling 2a


And play.

aqua adv tug of war

And swim, of course! And that includes our fearless leader, Alanna!

aqua adv alanna 2

Many thanks to all of our sponsors for helping to make this a bold and fun-filled day for so many.

Water Gala wall rszd

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