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My Story: Veronica Santos Talks about Learning to Love Yourself

I was born the oldest of 6 girls, the only one with a disability. I have Spina Bifida- a curvature in my spine where the spinal cord is pinched in between my vertebrae. My hips were out of the sockets when I was born, and my Achilles tendons were too tight. My parents were told when I was born that I would never walk or have children.

Veronica Santos and family

Veronica Santos and family

If it wasn’t for Boldly Me, I’d be stuck in my depression and be over-thinking “stuff”. I have learned that there will always be someone who doesn’t like something about me, and that I need to just get over that. I need to not over-think, dwell, worry, or think that just because one person thinks badly of me, everybody does. This was my way of thinking my whole life; if one person doesn’t like me, then everybody doesn’t. Now I can blow it off and move on.

It still affects me because I get nervous when one person hates me. Before, I had to be with a group of people to feel that I existed. Now I am OK letting go and being alone. I’m still working on learning how to love myself. I am doing more to improve myself; getting my eyebrows done, getting my nails done, getting a massage and relaxing, and loving my children and grandson.

I have more self-control over my emotions and anger now and am able to be a positive role model for my daughter, son, and grandson. I have to remember that, “I am WORTHY of being LOVED.”


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