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Boldquest: Partnering With Local Students for Social Change

We are very excited to tell you about our new partnership to raise public awareness and help kids who experience low self esteem from a wide variety of causes including: depression, body image, peer pressure and bullying.

Twenty-three students from the 2013-14 senior class at Irvington High School in Fremont, CA, approached Boldly Me to supervise and consult with them for a school project called Quest.

quest project, irvington high school

The Boldquest Team

We call them the Boldquest Team and here is what we’ve accomplished on the agenda that began with establishing a mission and vision…

The Boldquest Mission

Boldquest 1To educate schools on depression and eating disorders by creating a fun, social, interactive event at high schools.

The Boldquest Vision

The Team will help people in schools come together and realize that depression and eating disorders are a worldwide problem.  They will show other kids how to help themselves and others so that depression and eating disorders are reduced in our world.

Boldquest Plan of Action

Boldquest 2

  • The Team meets regularly with Boldly Me Founder, Alanna Powell, to develop project planning, research, and event planning skills, and will ultimately lead an event at Fremont high schools – including Irvington, Kennedy, Washington, Mission, and American.
  • Their research includes interviewing Boldly Me Staff, Counselors and Volunteers, such as Tammy Bergquist, Beckett Gladney, Leslie Gladney, Molly Rosen, and Xavier Brockman for help and guidance.
  • The event will help educate high schools on eating disorders, depression, and self-esteem.
  • The Team attends Boldly Me classes, including Theater & Voice class and they are encouraged weekly as this will help the students overcome their fear as they lead events at other schools.
  • They are creating a sketch performance and will have booths that show others the challenges of self esteem, eating disorders, depression, and the media.
  • They will also be participating in the Boldly Me’s Got Talent Show in April, 2014.

We are so very proud of the Boldquest Team and their talents and look forward to watching them grow and help others to do the same.

Go Team!

Boldquest kids 1



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