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Teenagers and Self Esteem

Boldly Me is school-hopping to spread self esteem and public awareness among teenagers.

jimmy carethers HS health class at irvington

And we are lucky to have such generosity in Jimmy Carethers who has taken on the task of  teaching the Boldly Me Self Esteem and Communication Class in local high schools, most recently in a Health class at Irvington High School in Fremont, CA.

Mr. Carethers works with school and nonprofits to create educational programs that will help the community. He works throughout San Francisco Bay Area (currently in Alameda County and Santa Clara County).

jimmy carethers irvington HS health class

Boldly Me will continue its mission of building individual self esteem for people of all ages. We thank Mr. Carethers for his time and we thank you for your support!

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