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Teens inspired at Westmont High

Alanna Powell, President & Founder of Boldly Me recently had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students at Westmont High School in Campbell, CA about her journey living with Alopecia. The kid’s reactions were awesome, according to their school psychologist Shannon Keehan.

I dearly want her to come back. I thought she was a major inspiration and should teach us more skills. I didn’t talk much today but I’m hoping I get to talk more if she comes back.” – Westmont High student. high_school_kids

Alanna’s shared experiences moved at least one student to tears. They were not tears of distress, they were a revelation of relief that someone might be able to relate to and understand how he feels every day.

The kids absolutely loved having Alanna and unanimously agreed that they would like her to come back, said Shannon.

She was so incredible and I would love for her to come back.” – Westmont High student.

Shannon also said that the group was “able to segue into a really nice discussion of how we tend to hide the parts of ourselves that we think others won’t love or accept and how sometimes it is those parts that are the most beautiful.”

“It was a very special experience,” continued Shannon in an email thanking Alanna for her visit, “I think the kids just liked having you here. Thank you so very much for taking the time for us!!”

If you’d like Alanna to come and inspire your group, click on the Contact Us button here on BoldlyMe.org.  Assembly and classroom seminar visits are available, so please inquire about possible dates and cost.Alanna Front Page

“There is a happy life out there for everyone, no matter what your difference is. The first step is to love yourself, care for yourself, and celebrate your beauty- inside and out. Then others will too.” –Alanna Powell

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