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Boldly Me’s Got Talent II: An Enchanted Evening

It was a relaxing evening of community and sharing at Boldly Me’s Got Talent II. From reception to the last goodbye, everyone in attendance had a smile on their face. The filet Mignon was delicious and the kid’s buffet was colorful and appealing. The children dined at the kid’s tables along with all the attendees; a change from last year, and it was very successful.

During dinner we enjoyed popular music sung and played by the Dream Achievers band who enthusiastically substituted the words “Boldly Me” instead of “Tequila” in the Champ’s 1950’s hit song. They had us all dancing in our seats.

FoodKid's BuffetBoldlyMeBand




President and founder of Boldly Me, Alanna Powell, was beaming when she greeted the room. As she told her story, which many have heard since she’s asked to tell it often, she became emotional, capturing her audience. Her inspiration was like a hug.

Alanna PowellOur Master of Ceremonies, once again, was the talented and spectacular Faith Alpher. She made us laugh out loud one minute and then focus on what was important as she announced the talent and auctioned off the delicious desserts.

Faith AlpherThe BoldQuest Students showed us, through skits, how everyone struggles. They demonstrated how everyone has something, some struggle, that we’re not alone, and it only takes one person to listen and to help those in need. The BoldQuest students, along with Alanna, have adopted the slogan “Be the Hero of Your Own Story” which was boldly printed on T-shirts many of the evening’s performers wore. Shirts, hoodies, caps and Boldly Me pens were available in support of Boldly Me throughout the evening along with the multitude of silent auction items so generously donated by the more than 50 donors and sponsors.

Boldly Me entertainment began with the Tru Cru Dance Team. Their excitement was infectious and the energy stayed high as solo dancer Makenna Okamoto and other amazing young dancers took turns lighting up the dance floor.

Boldly Me Baton TwirlersThe Boldly Me Baton Twirlers spun their way into our hearts followed by the colorfully swaying Boldly Me Hula Dancers. The whole room was invited onto the dance floor for the hukilau which prompted even more smiles and laughter.Hukilau

When all the cannolis, cupcakes, cookies and the highly coveted rum cake were gone, after the incredible dance stylings of Chris Koralton became another happy thought indelibly etched in everyone’s minds, Faith thanked everyone for sharing the evening and officially opened the dance floor to all. The music began and the dance floor filled with children. People mingled, hugged and took pictures together; it seemed as if no one wanted to leave. Many had already been affected by the magic that is Boldly Me before BMGT II, but not a soul was left unenchanted when all was said and done.

The Mayor of Fremont, and treasurer and board member for Boldly Me, Bill Harrison, has always been committed to building peoples’ esteem, communication skills and leadership abilities. He thanked everyone for their generous support of Boldly Me and asked for continued support.

Alanna wrote in the evening’s program, “With your donations and advocacy, we can give people suffering silently hope, effective tools, and a sense of self-worth and compassion that can change their lives forever.”

Be the change and give today. Thank you!

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