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Tug 'O War

Tug ‘O War

Thanks to you, Boldly Me was able to raise $9,000 for our Water Gala event in August. These funds will help continue to build our self-esteem programs, spread our mission, and give people the tools to learn to live their lives boldly. Events like our Water Gala provide a safe place for people who feel different to gather together, step out of their comfort zone and enjoy themselves, make friends and maybe even get up on stage to perform to sing or dance!

We are currently building partnerships with local school districts which will allow us to go into the classroom and teach students how to love themselves, respect one another and take responsibility for their lives. We provide tools to help them overcome whatever is holding them back to succeed in life. And we have YOU to thank for that.

Check out the video of our Water Gala event held at the Aqua Adventure Water Park in Fremont, CA.

Link to video: http://youtu.be/hUonRDiHULQ


It was sunny and warm in Fremont, California this past weekend…perfect weather for our 2nd Water Gala at the Fremont Aqua Adventure Water Park.

DJ booth croppedWhile the DJ played the hits, guests enjoyed hot dogs, chicken and other delicious food for lunch as well as the many desserts that went around after our dessert auction.

The lovely and talented Xavier hosted the festivities which included singing, dancing, and baton twirling. Kids and adults alike enjoyed the face painting and crafts tables. The fun lasted all day as the program continued with tug o’ war, sack races, and balloon tossing. After all that, they high-tailed it to the water slides and “lazy river” to enjoy the cool water on a beautifully warm day.

Our slideshow/movie is coming soon, but for now enjoy a few sneak peek pics of the day:

food line

The food!

The crafts table

The crafts table

The dessert auction

The dessert auction

The dessert (one of the many!)

The dessert (one of the many!)

Face painting

Face painting

Gettin' ready to hula!

Gettin’ ready to hula!


Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

Tug 'O War

Tug ‘o War

Sack Races

Sack Races

Balloon Toss

Balloon Toss

Baton Twirlers

Baton Twirlers





Thanks to so many of you, nearly $18,000 was raised during our Boldly Me’s Got Talent event in Fremont last month. Without you and our sponsors, we wouldn’t be here, so thank you!!!!

Photo by Tyler Oxford

Photo by Tyler Oxford

Please enjoy a photo slideshow of the event thanks to the photography of Beckett Gladney and Tyler Oxford.

Link to Video if it doesn’t appear above.

We’ve got more photos and video to share so stay tuned!

You can read a recap of the event here.


It was a relaxing evening of community and sharing at Boldly Me’s Got Talent II. From reception to the last goodbye, everyone in attendance had a smile on their face. The filet Mignon was delicious and the kid’s buffet was colorful and appealing. The children dined at the kid’s tables along with all the attendees; a change from last year, and it was very successful.

During dinner we enjoyed popular music sung and played by the Dream Achievers band who enthusiastically substituted the words “Boldly Me” instead of “Tequila” in the Champ’s 1950’s hit song. They had us all dancing in our seats.

FoodKid's BuffetBoldlyMeBand




President and founder of Boldly Me, Alanna Powell, was beaming when she greeted the room. As she told her story, which many have heard since she’s asked to tell it often, she became emotional, capturing her audience. Her inspiration was like a hug.

Alanna PowellOur Master of Ceremonies, once again, was the talented and spectacular Faith Alpher. She made us laugh out loud one minute and then focus on what was important as she announced the talent and auctioned off the delicious desserts.

Faith AlpherThe BoldQuest Students showed us, through skits, how everyone struggles. They demonstrated how everyone has something, some struggle, that we’re not alone, and it only takes one person to listen and to help those in need. The BoldQuest students, along with Alanna, have adopted the slogan “Be the Hero of Your Own Story” which was boldly printed on T-shirts many of the evening’s performers wore. Shirts, hoodies, caps and Boldly Me pens were available in support of Boldly Me throughout the evening along with the multitude of silent auction items so generously donated by the more than 50 donors and sponsors.

Boldly Me entertainment began with the Tru Cru Dance Team. Their excitement was infectious and the energy stayed high as solo dancer Makenna Okamoto and other amazing young dancers took turns lighting up the dance floor.

Boldly Me Baton TwirlersThe Boldly Me Baton Twirlers spun their way into our hearts followed by the colorfully swaying Boldly Me Hula Dancers. The whole room was invited onto the dance floor for the hukilau which prompted even more smiles and laughter.Hukilau

When all the cannolis, cupcakes, cookies and the highly coveted rum cake were gone, after the incredible dance stylings of Chris Koralton became another happy thought indelibly etched in everyone’s minds, Faith thanked everyone for sharing the evening and officially opened the dance floor to all. The music began and the dance floor filled with children. People mingled, hugged and took pictures together; it seemed as if no one wanted to leave. Many had already been affected by the magic that is Boldly Me before BMGT II, but not a soul was left unenchanted when all was said and done.

The Mayor of Fremont, and treasurer and board member for Boldly Me, Bill Harrison, has always been committed to building peoples’ esteem, communication skills and leadership abilities. He thanked everyone for their generous support of Boldly Me and asked for continued support.

Alanna wrote in the evening’s program, “With your donations and advocacy, we can give people suffering silently hope, effective tools, and a sense of self-worth and compassion that can change their lives forever.”

Be the change and give today. Thank you!


We’ve got a full recap of our 2nd Anniversary Fundraiser this past weekend coming soon, but in the meantime, watch Carolyn Hennesy’s Talk for the “Boldly Me’s Got Talent II” attendees. Carolyn was unable to make it to the fundraiser on Saturday, so she spoke to us from the set of her TV show Jessie:

Link to video: http://youtu.be/v3KzMptAV1U


Bold Voices is a series where people with “differences” share their personal story or experiences to validate and inspire others.

We are so pleased to present Tyler Oxford’s story about his journey to personal transformation and healing. Thank you, Tyler, for sharing your uplifting story with us and encouraging others toward with your incredible story!

Up until I was 35-years-old, I was bullied and severely verbally abused my Dad. Three days before Christmas of 2008, I ended the relationship with my father for the fourth time, which I thought was to be the final time. What I knew more than anything in my life at that point was that if I was to heal my anger issues, my judgment, my cynicism, my penchant for escapism through drama and alcohol and drugs and food addictions, it would not happen with Allen in my life. My visit to New Orleans in late March of 2013 was the final leg of a four and a half year journey through healing, transformation, and forgiveness.

Three weeks before I flew to New Orleans, my step-mother RubyAnn called to tell me something. After more small talk than usual, she nervously said to me, “You know, your Daddy, he hasn’t really changed.” A deep smile overtook me as I simply responded, “I know—but I have.”

When Dad picked me up from the airport, his nervousness was palpable. He apologized for not having a cup for the beer he brought me, because he didn’t want me drinking it out of a bottle in case a cop spotted me sipping on it. I thanked him and told him that after flying all day it would probably knock me out anyway—he promptly opened the beer and drank it out of the bottle.

It only took until the second night for me to slip up and be drawn into a conversation where I found myself feeling the full force and intensity of my Dad’s attack and anger. The topic doesn’t matter—it never did. All I know was that in the midst of that maelstrom, hearing the words which had once been so painful, the experience was very different.

There was no fear in me. I did not feel any anger. Nothing was taken personally. I had no attachment to outcome. All I felt in that moment was the most intense feeling of love welling up from the deepest place inside me, meeting my Father’s words and emotion and anger exactly as they were, with the exact same intensity; except this time there was no place within me where his fight or anger could connect—there was only love and compassion.

In a sort of disconnected, disembodied way I seemed to watch myself being fully engaged with Allen, yet at the same time having absolutely no attachment. Regardless of the words he said, with the anger they carried, the unconditional love flowing from me to him seemed to neutralize and disarm with effortless efficiency—I even recall smiling.

All I really remember of the exchange was that it lasted for only three or four intense minutes in which my Dad seemed mostly to be befuddled and confused in his anger. Finally he gave up, claimed to be very tired, and went to bed saying that he was glad I had come to visit, and that he loved me—I was glad too, and knew that I loved him deeply.

tyler oxford with parents 500w

Tyler Oxford (left), with his parents

 * * *

Tyler Oxford is a visionary change maker whose life’s mission is to reach people who are waking up, supporting taylorthem in the realization of their dreams and life intentions. As a licensed Spiritual Practitioner, professional Success and Empowerment Coach, along with being a Motivational Speaker, Tyler is striving to reach people who have not yet been reached, connecting with people around the globe in an effort to create a supportive community where people feel safe. Contact Tyler at tyler.oxford@gmail.com or find him fulfilling his passion of documenting people’s journeys through photography and video at www.infinityplus1productions.com !


Do You Have a Story?

Do you have a story about overcoming (or still working on!) your own difference? Validate, encourage, and inspire others by sharing it with us and our readers. For more information on how you can share your story, go to our submission guidelines page.


Alanna Powell, President & Founder of Boldly Me recently had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students at Westmont High School in Campbell, CA about her journey living with Alopecia. The kid’s reactions were awesome, according to their school psychologist Shannon Keehan.

I dearly want her to come back. I thought she was a major inspiration and should teach us more skills. I didn’t talk much today but I’m hoping I get to talk more if she comes back.” – Westmont High student. high_school_kids

Alanna’s shared experiences moved at least one student to tears. They were not tears of distress, they were a revelation of relief that someone might be able to relate to and understand how he feels every day.

The kids absolutely loved having Alanna and unanimously agreed that they would like her to come back, said Shannon.

She was so incredible and I would love for her to come back.” – Westmont High student.

Shannon also said that the group was “able to segue into a really nice discussion of how we tend to hide the parts of ourselves that we think others won’t love or accept and how sometimes it is those parts that are the most beautiful.”

“It was a very special experience,” continued Shannon in an email thanking Alanna for her visit, “I think the kids just liked having you here. Thank you so very much for taking the time for us!!”

If you’d like Alanna to come and inspire your group, click on the Contact Us button here on BoldlyMe.org.  Assembly and classroom seminar visits are available, so please inquire about possible dates and cost.Alanna Front Page

“There is a happy life out there for everyone, no matter what your difference is. The first step is to love yourself, care for yourself, and celebrate your beauty- inside and out. Then others will too.” –Alanna Powell


Fremont Bank, who has been an enthusiastic supporter of Boldly Me, recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and donated $5,000 to Boldly Me!

Fremont Bank is also one of the sponsors of our upcoming 2nd Anniversary Fundraiser: Boldly Me’s Got Talent II.

Here’s a shot of some of the staff at Fremont Bank and Boldly Me during a recent visit:

Fremont Bank & Team Feb 2014 800w

We want to thank Fremont Bank for the unwavering and generous support!

We’ve also got some exciting announcements coming soon about our 2nd Anniversary event, so stay tuned!

Speaking of which, we hope you will join us at the Fremont Marriott on April 5th to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

Check out the details and ticket information here. (And don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!) Early bird ticket prices are good until March 22.


Boldly Me is school-hopping to spread self esteem and public awareness among teenagers.

jimmy carethers HS health class at irvington

And we are lucky to have such generosity in Jimmy Carethers who has taken on the task of  teaching the Boldly Me Self Esteem and Communication Class in local high schools, most recently in a Health class at Irvington High School in Fremont, CA.

Mr. Carethers works with school and nonprofits to create educational programs that will help the community. He works throughout San Francisco Bay Area (currently in Alameda County and Santa Clara County).

jimmy carethers irvington HS health class

Boldly Me will continue its mission of building individual self esteem for people of all ages. We thank Mr. Carethers for his time and we thank you for your support!


My Story is a series where people with “differences” share their personal story or experiences to validate and inspire others.

We are so pleased to present Karen Scarpulla’s story of how she learned to forgive and change her life. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your inspiring story with us and encouraging others with your incredible story!

What is true forgiveness?

Forgiveness…we have heard the word a million times. But until recently, I never really understood just how powerful forgiveness can be.

In 2012, my ex-husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal and stomach cancer. Our contentious divorce 7 years earlier put us at odds with each other. Our children, ages 18 and 16, spent very little time with their father and barely knew him. It was clear to me that my children needed to reconnect with their father and hopefully heal any emotional scars they had. I made the bold decision to move my children and I into my ex-husband’s home and become his primary caregiver. Just ten months later, he passed away. The gift of time my children received was priceless, but the bigger gift was the one I received…the power of forgiveness.

During our ten months together, old family dynamics reemerged and I began to experience feelings of sadness, anger and grief. I tried to convince myself that I had forgiven him. Certainly, I must have? How else could I possibly move in with him and make the decision to care for him? It wasn’t long before my emotions were running high and a glance in the mirror revealed that I had not forgiven. Stuffing your emotions inside and putting a happy face on is not forgiveness. I was desperate to stop all the negative feelings I was having because they were affecting me physically, so I developed my own process for forgiveness.

The first step in forgiveness begins with the burning desire to want to forgive. We have all had the experience of someone hurting us. That moment when someone does something to you that is so horrible, that violates your boundaries and shatters your perceptions. You are adamant that there is absolutely no way you will ever forgive him or her. Your story about what happened is complete justification. After all, how could you forgive someone who wounded you so deeply? The anger and resentment you feel is real, and your heart is broken. I know the feeling all too well…I have been there.

I describe forgiveness as the process of letting go of anger, bitterness, resentment, and the old movies that play in our minds and keep us from moving forward in our lives. Forgiveness is the ability to completely let go of the act that has created the pain.

You stop judging the offender and release yourself from the hurt. When you reach this state of true forgiveness, you will feel empowered. I have experienced forgiveness as not only an emotional state of being, but as a physical state, as well. There is nothing greater than freeing your self from the chains of hate and anger.

There is a misconception that forgiveness means reconciliation with the individual who has hurt you and the condoning of their actions. Forgiveness does not mean that you are rubber stamping or approving their behavior or offense. You are simply releasing yourself from the emotions tied to the event.

Forgiveness is also about finding your personal power. When you are victimized you loose your sense of power and feel stripped of the ability to move forward or make decisions. Only you can find your power again. The key is to stop giving your power to someone who doesn’t even realize they have it. The person who has harmed you has no idea that you are holding resentments and your emotions have absolutely no effect on their daily life. But your emotions are certainly affecting you. Once you take control of your emotions and begin replacing the negative movies with positive thoughts and feelings, you will begin to feel a shift in emotions.

The challenge is to create a new movie, one where you are the hero or heroine. You have made the bravest choice possible when you choose to forgive. This new movie has a happy ending with you conquering the villain and releasing the chains of anger. You walk through the movie with a spring in your step. You are a “rock-star.”

We are all important beings in the universe, and that makes every action we perform important. Imagine the impact we have when we forgive. There is a shift in your own energy, which ultimately impacts the universe’s energy. Join me in living a life of grace, gratitude and forgiveness. The power of forgiveness is within you.

Karen ScarpullaKaren is the weekly producer and cohost of the internet radio show LAW OF ATTRACTION 2.0 – Spiritual Straight Talk with over 20,000 listeners nationwide. She is currently working on her second book which will help families cope with grief. She will also begin conducting workshops this fall in the California Bay Area. Please visit her web site WalkingBeyond.com

Do You Have a Story?

Do you have a story about overcoming (or still working on!) your own difference? Validate, encourage, and inspire others by sharing it with us and our readers. For more information on how you can share your story, go to our submission guidelines page.