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Shamekia Goldsmith, Certified Personal Trainer:

Boldly Me is doing great things for children and adults; building in children what needs to grow and re-building in adults what has been damaged over the years. If not for the opportunity presented by Alanna and Boldy Me, I would still be holding back, holding out, and trying to avoid that sickening feeling that comes with fear.

I have a new confidence. It doesn’t come from perfection. It comes from knowing that fear is my biggest hurdle and it only lives in my head. Since my experience, I’ve become a Licensed Zumba Instructor and started salsa lessons.

Carolyn Hennesy

Carolyn Hennesy, Actress:

Alanna and Boldly Me are truly exceptional. Alanna understands that, all too often unfortunately, our personal sense of self-worth and esteem are derived from our perception of how society sees us physically.

Boldly Me is working tirelessly to enable those who have been hurt or altered, either at birth or at some point in their lives, to see themselves as beautiful, worthy and important on the inside first. And if the rest of the world doesn’t agree then the rest of the world can go jump. As an actress, being asked to attempt to live up to some unattainable measure of flawless perfection, this speaks to me on many levels. I support Alanna and Boldly Me because she knows and is teaching others that…it’s really an inside job.


Dr.Dome headshot

Dr. Lance J. Dome, PhD, MFT:

Having personally talked with Alanna, I am impressed with her love, concern, and drive to help people struggling with being physically different. Her organization, Boldly Me, fills the important needs of support and education for many who have been suffering in silence. As a therapist myself who works daily with people trying to push beyond their own perceived limitations and inner struggles, I wholeheartedly endorse Boldly Me’s mission and the efforts of Alanna and the Boldly Me team. They are truly a light in the darkness.


Corinne Vita, Mother of Jonathan (15 years old):

We are so grateful to have met you at the Alopecia support group and hear your story as a child, teen, young adult and now Mom living with Alopecia. Your experience covered the entire span of what our family was dealing with our son getting full hair loss and alopecia. Your courage to accept your bald and beautiful look gave our son and our family courage to shave his head and move on instead of trying to hold onto the past.

Your inner beauty shined through in your talk and this reminds us that it’s not about outer beauty but more importantly to be beautiful from the inside out.

We enjoyed meeting with you to continue the support for looking different and ways to deal with the condition. Your idea to get Jonathan volunteering with a sports team is a great idea. It fits what Jonathan is good at and is a good way for him to share his talents and get a good experience.

Best wishes as you go forward with Boldly Me. It’s important for people to feel accepted. You are doing an important job with your foundation.


renee white headshot rsRenee White, Survivor of Epilepsy:


Alanna made me feel good about who I am and want to attempt to share my own challenges with my seizure disorder, Complex-Partial Epilepsy.


keith martin, boldly me, vice presidentKeith Martin, Vice President & Secretary, Boldly Me:


This has been a great foundation year for Boldly Me, establishing the foundations for an incredible future, the journey of which has provided me with a great learning curve.


kristin spitz, boldly meKristin Spitz, Chair of Membership, Boldly Me:

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Alanna this year. Her kind heart, vision and commitment toward the physically different have been such an inspiration to me. I have grown a lot and gained more confidence in myself through my involvement with Boldly Me.