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Alanna Powell (President & Founder)

boldly me, alanna sah powellAlanna Powell is a survivor of Alopecia Universalis for most of her life of 40 years. She has had Alopecia since she was 2 years old and has had to learn coping mechanisms to help her transcend the disease so she could pursue her life goals of marriage, career, and children.

Growing up in an era where social acceptance of a physical difference was very difficult due to lack of education and awareness, she is genuinely interested in solving this sociological problem now and for future generations.

Many people still hide their physical differences so they fit into the mainstream, but this constrained lifestyle is not emotionally healthy for the individual or their family as it will
be difficult to live stress free.

Once a person realizes that they can live BOLDLY, and love themselves, they can truly
be set free and relax.

Alanna has worked her lifetime to figure this out, and wants to help others adapt by
building BOLDLY ME, a non profit corporation that offers services and centers that
empower people to take their life back and stop being constrained by their physical