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David Barrow (Fundraising and Grants/Partnering Advisor)

Dave Barrow, Boldly MeDavid Barrow is a seasoned leader in the high tech industry, information technology sector. He has decades of experience working in corporations like Yahoo!, Verity, Autonomy, and Silicon Graphics.

David has a passion for helping others and through this desire to bring out the best in people, he is able to easily lead them to help others.

As the Chair of Partnerships, he is driven to set up partnerships that help Boldly Me broaden their base of support within the corporate world.

Dave’s strength is built on his strong family values and dedication. He has a beautiful wife and energetic son.

“He’s exceedingly intelligent and is a great person to be around. I really enjoyed working with him and I trust him. He’s definitely on my short list of people that I would love to work for, work with, or bring into my organization. He’s a great guy.”

Michael Kantowski, Yahoo! (May 22, 2009)