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Jason Yancey (Chair of Fundraising and Grants)

Jason YanceyJason started off his career in counseling after getting a degree in psychology. Initially, he worked with kids who had been victimized and sexually abused, working for about eight years in group homes and residential units. He moved from the nonprofit world to the banking industry because the work was very stressful.

In 2006, his life was completely turned upside down. He was in a terrible car accident; his skull cracked in half, his eye sockets fractured; he became legally blind in his right eye, suffering traumatic brain injuries and falling into a coma for several weeks. Doctors didn’t give him much of a chance of recovery.

The accident taught him deep down how unexpected disasters can come and hit us, leaving anyone with a need to recover and adjust their life to a new beginning. He was physically changed with scars, blindness, and fear of a new life.

In the end, Jason felt like he was given a second chance at life.

He had to get back into the nonprofit world. Based his accident, he was drawn to Boldly Me’s mission. He now has this beautiful opportunity to combine his counseling experience with his personal experience of being in a traumatic accident. He really came with the fire to help people.

Jason loves counseling. He usually comes in when situations really escalate – something that can really happen when clients are fighting unexpected disasters. In the end, it really helps him keep that edge.